Sangria Pops

I was inspired today to create a Popsicle out of sangria! I had a pitcher in my fridge that needed to be finished off soon but I didn't think I could drink it all before it went bad so, I thought, Popsicles.

I found this popsicle mold at Wal Mart, the bottom part is a straw so you can catch the drips, that's smart! This mold only cost $1.98!

 All I can say is, I will be making more of these. They are fantastic. The possibilities are endless of what you can make here!

To make this particular popsicle all I did was-
mix 1 bottle of sweet red wine with 1 cup of cranberry/pomegranate juice.
You should now taste your concoction and see if you need more juice of if you like the way it tastes.
I also added sliced strawberries, they are frozen in there somewhere!  
In order to use all that sangria I would probably need 2 popsicle molds

Next time I make popsicles I may try a white wine sangria, or maybe a mojito popsicle??

Here is one last picture for you of me at our Airstream with my headlamp on! We did a little work on it Wednesday night!

Have a fantastic day!

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