What's up Dog

Happy Monday y'all! I watched a dog show on TV this weekend and I just couldn't believe some of the precious dogs I saw! I can't wait to get a dog in a few years, we won't get one right now because we are working on renovating our house and it would be too hectic to add a dog to our construction zone. For now I pet my neighbors dogs when I need some dog love.

Here are the dogs I love and am thinking about for when we get a dog!

I love Australian Shepherds, they are pretty, smart, and loyal.
Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

Border Collies are also pretty, smart, and loyal. My best friend growing up was obsessed with Border collies and had 2 so I have good memories of these dogs!
Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

Who could resist a precious Golden? I think this would be a fantastic dog to have, they are maybe a little too big though, if only they could stay puppies forever. br />
Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

I also love these little poof balls! Pomeranians are soooo cute. My hubby is not in love with Poms though, crazy I know!

Lastly I've love Cavalier King Charles Spaniels ever since I first set eyes on one. They have such pretty little faces.

I always had a grown up dog growing up but never a puppy. I can't wait to get a little puppy and raise it.

Happy Monday, see you tomorrow!
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