Being One with Nature

Yesterday I went to our local Arboretum after work to check it out and maybe go for a jog. When I got there, I found out they had lovely mulched trails though the woods and so, I set out. Running on the trails was more fun than on the street like I usually do and there was so much to see as I went!

 I was going along when suddenly I saw this little lady minding her own business eating some plants-


Hello there!
It was neat to be so close to a deer, she really wasn't too concerned I was there. She just kept on walking and eating and looking at me while I looked at her and took her picture on my phone!

As I continued on, I kept hearing little animals moving around in the leaves, the squirrels were the loudest, and I kept seeing signs warning of snakes. Thankfully I didn't run into any of those!

I hope you have a happy Wednesday!

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