Septic Updates and More Subflooring

Replacing the plywood subfloor has been a chore which has gone fairly quickly... until we reached the fresh, gray, and black water tanks.  All the tanks needed new valves and hoses.

 photo airstreamtankluxelandyacht_zpsb3fe5688.jpg

The black water drains from the left, and the grey from the right. For those still learning about RV's, the black water only comes from the toilet, the grey water is from the shower and sinks. Ideally you would empty the black water tank with one valve, then flush the line with the grey water using a second valve. Unfortunately our valves were no longer water tight.

 photo airstreamwatertankluxelandyacht_zps64d79293.jpg

3" and 1.5" PVC were used for the new tank connections along with new Valterra valves (replacing Thetfords). The valves are actuated from outside the Airstream via push rods and handles. I read that some valves are now coming with 12v motors, but that's just 1 more think to break.

 photo airstreamsubfloorluxelandyacht_zps53d60d85.jpg

You can really see the subfloor progress in this photo. We're about half way done here!

 photo airstreamhotwaterheaterluxelandyacht_zps5fc5e1b2.jpg

A few more pieces of subflooring are installed now. You can see the new Sealand 4-bolt toilet flange (odd because most toilets just have 2 bolts) and our 10 gallon water heater. The water heater will be powered by either propane or 110v electricity if available. The hole in the floor just below the toilet flange is the black water vent that will travel up through the roof. The hole in the floor above the toilet flange is where all the grey water enters the grey holding tank.

Getting close to completing the subflooring.. check back and see our progress soon!!
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