Friday's Letters

Dear Starbucks, thanks for having 1/2 price frapps this week from 3-5pm! I went twice this week and my fav was the Mocha Coconut! (they are doing this through May 13 fyi!)

Dear Mom, Happy Mothers Day!

Dear Exercise, I only worked out on Tuesday this week, my bad.

Dear sewing machine, I'm excited to spend some quality time with you this weekend crafting!

Dear photo a day May, here are the photos I took this week, I didn't do all the photos I was suppose to, oops.

Included in the above photos-
Something you do everyday- eat a salad (my usual lunch lately)
A smell you adore- roses
Bird- I saw this bird walking around Home Depot like it owned the place
Me- there I am!

Happy Friday!!

Fun fact, tomorrow morning is large trash pick-up for our street. We put out an old oven out of our Airstream last night to be picked up and it was gone within 5 minutes! People like to dumpster dive during large trash pick-up time for real.
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