Friday's Letters

Dear 4 day week, you were awesome! Dear Maddie, lunch at the hotdog place was so fun yesterday! Dear Vangie, I'm so glad I got to hang out with you yesterday, girl talk is the best, and the Oklahoma Joe's BBQ we ate was so delish! Dear Wildflower garden, oh my gosh, you are looking good! We have sunflowers about ready to bloom full out! I didn't even realize there would be sunflowers in the box of wildflower seed mix I bought, bonus. Dear cute Fossil Purse, I'm thinking I will go buy you today after work with some b-day money, plus you are on sale right now and I have a coupon so why not!? Dear Reeses Birthday Pie, I will eat the last piece of you at lunch today!

Happy Friday everyone and I hope you weekend is Summerific!


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