Last night I went to my first blogger event! The KC Blogger Meet-up had an event at Off-5th with sangria and hors d'oeuvres and everyone got a $25 gift card shop with!

I got a cute shirt for free and met some awesome local bloggers!

Now for Friday's Letter!

Dear New Haircut, I am loving you in this 100 + degree heat! Thanks to Jamie at Oliver's Salon for knowing how to cut curly hair!

Dear Tone It Up workout, I am loving you! I'm really sore right now but feeling firm and fit!

Dear Costco frozen yogurt, you are so gooood! I love that my co-worker and I went and got some in the middle of our work day yesterday!

Dear Rabbits, get outta here! If you eat anything else out of my garden, I will be mad. Sorry for becoming the crazy rabbit lady that always reports how there are rabbits in my yard!
now there are 2!
 Have a happy Friday and fantastic weekend!!

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