Fried Quinoa instead of Fried Rice

I love fried rice, and when I make it I use brown rice and not much oil so it's not really unhealthy. Last night I felt creative and replaced the brown rice with quinoa!

To make, I prepared the quinoa (bring to a boil, cover on low for 20 minutes, let sit with burner off for 10 minutes). Then I put about 1/2 tablespoon of canola oil in my wok , tossed onion, green bell pepper, garlic chili paste, and carrot together for about 2 minutes then added the prepared quinoa. After about a minute I added some soy sauce and lime juice plus a little green onion.

Then I ate, it was good and I felt pretty healthy eating it.Have you tried quinoa yet?? You should because it's really healthy for you and tastes good too! Trader Joe's has the cheapest quinoa that I've found (cheaper than Wal Mart even).

Now for some Pinterest lovlies I've pinned this week-

Happy Wednesday! Apparently it's national running day so, I will go for a run when I get home!

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