Home is Where the Airstream is

How was your weekend?? Ours was busy and great! I'm most excited about our Airstream now being parked in our backyard! We can work on it so much more now that it's here and we will never forget a tool again (like we did when we had to drive 30 minutes to get to it)! We towed it home Saturday morning and all went well.

You can barely see it peaking over the fence!

Parked in our backyard

Matt enjoying his Airstream
This weekend we taped off (you can see in the above photo) where we will put our furniture! I'm really happy with the layout.

Besides Airstream excitement here's what else we did this weekend-
First Bell Pepper out of our garden!

A rabbit (the one I blogged about on Friday!) ate the leaves off all my sweet potato plants! Rude.
A family of Geese leisurely crossing a busy road

That's me up on the roof painting

Turning to seed
I hope Monday treats you well, see you tomorrow!
Covered in Grace

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