Life is a Special Occasion

Don't you agree? (That life is a special occasion)

Life can get so routine and you feel like you've lost your freedom to do what you want. Last week, Matt and I decided to do some little things to make life feel more sporadic, exciting and not like all we do is get up, go to work, come home, go to bed. That is no fun!

I feel like I have a fresh attitude and it feels good! One thing we are doing to make our day seem more fun and longer is getting up and running together in the morning. Our alarm goes off at 6:45 every morning during the week and we are/were too lazy to get up so, we are trying to change that by just getting up and doing something! Today before work, I already felt fully awake and I'd done something fun with my husband.

So, this Monday I am trying to remember that  life is a special occasion, it doesn't have to be boring, routine, or hum drum just because we are "adults" with jobs and stuff we have to get done, do ya hear me?

Now, for a little show and tell of what we did this weekend!

That's right, we have a beautiful new gate (that looks like a fence)! Matt's parents came to visit this weekend and the guys whipped up this awesome gate. Now, Matt and I are ready to bring our Airstream home to live in our backyard! The Airstream is the reason we needed the whole fence to be able to open like a gate so we can come and go with it!

Here is a picture of our Airstream in case you haven't seen it before!

Happy Monday everyone! Make sure to make it a special occasion ok?

P.S.- I was pumped to see this on Melissa's blog today! Check it out here!

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