Summer arrived and my garden started producing! I'm amazed, it seems like all these lovelies matured overnight! Check out my harvest from last night!

Carrots and squash!
Carrots and Squash
Green Beans!
One Lonely Onion
Then, there is a rabbit, I've blogged about it before. It keeps sneaking into my garden and feasting but, I guess there is enough to go around. I finally was able to get a photo of the rabbit when it was in the neighbors yard. Here is the thief that likes to eat things out of my garden!

that's right you better run

Kale with no leaves because rabbit ate them!
Here are some bell peppers still on the vine!
Now I'm hoping our tomatoes will start growing soon!

Here is a pic of what my hubby has been up to, polishing our Airstream! It is a slow process but the goal is to have a mirror finish when it's done.

Have a lovely Wednesday!!
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