Strange Dreams and Random Tid Bits

Yesterday as I left work, I was singing One Direction in my head, I was at the part where they say, "You don't know oh oh," then I turned my car on and I kid you not, the radio finished the line for me with "You don't know your beautiful!" I was by myself and looked at the radio, mouth open and said "No Way!" Crazy moment. Or maybe the radio plays that song a lot and my chances of hitting it at the exact right time were pretty high...

On my way home from work I was thinking about what I wanted for dinner. Matt was coming home late last night so, I decided to eat something he wouldn't usually want so I chose Indian food! I swung by Whole Foods and got this-

I poured it over rice and it was really good! I love the taste of Indian food but it tends to make my stomach feel crazy after I eat it.

Here is a photo I took this morning of my wildflower garden!

Most nights I have weird dreams where my mind takes a real event from my life and changes it into something crazy that leaves me thinking, where did my sleeping brain come up with that?

For example, I read right before bed most nights and after I fall asleep I dream that I'm still reading and my brain just takes the story where it thinks it should go.

Last night, on the news there was a story about how a mite is destroying all of the roses around town and that all the rose bushes will have to be pulled up and can't be saved. I dreamed last night not that all the roses are dying from a contagious bug but, all the iphones were. I was trying to protect my phone from getting what all the other iphones were getting.

Some dreams I have I would never tell you about because they are just too weird and embarrassing. Does this ever happen to you?

I hope you have a Happy Thursday!
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