Most Relaxing Weekend In Months

Key Lime Pie

So Good

Matt and I at a wedding reception

Haha, Matt wasn't excited to take this photo
Usually Matt and I are working on the house, yard, or Airstream on the weekend. We spend a solid 5-8 hours a day working every weekend but, I think this weekend we were just burnt out and couldn't motivate ourselves to do any work. So, I made a Key Lime Pie! And we got to go to a beautiful wedding! And lastly our wildflower garden is blooming! So pretty, I love how easy wildflowers are to grow, take care of, and how pretty they are.

Baby Sunflower and chamomile

Last night, I tried to photograph the fireflies in our yard! I am always amazed when the fire flies come out, I forget that there is such a magical creature in real life and then summer comes around and there they are. I didn't get a photo of them but here is a pretty pic of our veggie garden-
And here is a photo of Matt working on the back porch, I spun the camera around while the shutter was open, hence the light streaks.

Happy Tuesday!!!

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