Friday's Letters!

Loving me some summer time food

Dear Weekend, as always, I'm so glad you're back! This weekend will be busy but awesome because Matt and I are bringing our Airstream home!(it's currently in a storage lot 30 minutes away but will be in our backyard this Saturday!) We are also going to paint more trim around the outside of our house. I'm soooooo over painting, but, it always looks so much better when it's done.

Dear Baby Bunny and Chipmunk I saw sitting together in my garden this morning, Oh My Goodness, you were soooo cute! Please don't plan on eating anything out of my garden though, that's not for you!

Dear Husband, you are so daring, last night we walked around a country club close to our house during a swanky party. I was so nervous we would be caught walking around where we weren't suppose to, you always show such fearlessness in going places you aren't suppose to but it's kind of fun:)

Dear internet tutorials on how to use photoshop, God Bless you. I wish I would have taken that photo shop class in college but, internet tutorials are so helpful.

Dear blog friends, thanks for your advice on my upcoming trip and for coming by my blog! You are the best!

Dear craft room, you are so great, here are some pillow cases I'm working on this week!

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend, I'll have pics of the Airstream on Monday in it's new home for you!

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