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Gardening is something I was mainly inspired to do because of all the pretty pictures in my Country Living Magazine and on Pinterest. My veggie garden was inspired by mine and my husband's interest in wanting to live a more sustainable life (there are lots of great documentaries on sustainability, such as this one to inspire you).

We are just dipping our toes into the whole green living and sustainability idea and growing things in our own backyard is a start.

My parents always had an awesome garden at our house while I was growing up (they still do) but I never helped with it, I didn't feel like it was my thing. Now that I have my own backyard, I'm into growing food that Matt and I like and having a garden that's pretty, easy to take care of, and growing local plants that don't cost a bunch and that will thrive in this climate. That's why for the flower part of our garden, I chose wildflowers!

A box of wildflower seeds cost me about $9 and it grows with very little help from me. I pretty much raked the seeds into the dirt back in the spring, watered it and look at it now.

I also have two knock out rose bushes sent to me from me brother and grandmother. They require very little maintenance and as long as they get watered a couple times a week they are good on their own. (I'm from Tyler TX, the Rose Capitol so I gotta have some roses!)

My veggie garden has only produced lettuce, kale, and spinach so far this year but the other things are about ready to start producing for the summer!

Carrots! I pulled 2 up this weekend to check on their progress, still small! I ate them though and they were good!
Bell Peppers!



Green Peas
Then there are the herbs. These are great, plant them in a pot and let them do their thing. It's so neat to throw some basil that you grew yourself into your cooking or use mint from your own back yard in a drink (convenient too!).

In this photo there is baby lettuce, mint, basil, cilantro, and chamomile
I'd love to get better at gardening each year and someday depend a lot more on the food we grow ourselves but for now, I'm learning and enjoying the excitement of growing things that I can eat and that look pretty!

Happy Tuesday! Do you have any gardening wisdom? Ever been interested in having one?

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