Next week, I'm going to Chicago for the first time ever! I've been told I need to eat Garrett Popcorn, hotdogs, deep dish pizza, go to Navy Pier, and the zoo. What else do I need to do in Chicago to have the best Chicago experience possible?

Have you seen "Breaking Pointe" yet? It is a show that follows ballerinas in the company Ballet West. It's on the CW on Thursday nights and I'm loving/fascinated by it! It makes me miss dancing which was my life in high school!
My Ballerina Self

High School Drill Team self. This pic is from homecoming- Gotta Love Texas! Those are mums all over me in case you've never seen one before.
 Have you noticed the cute updates (or at least I think they're cute!) updates to my blog? I learn as I go with blogging on how to spiff things up and make them all cute. I've been wanting to add some cute touches to my blog and have been toying with the idea of changing it completely but after the new social media buttons I got and my new About Me section, I love the way it looks right now and want to keep it this way.

 Here is my current crush- Monogrammed Jewelry! I don't have any yet but i feel like I'd wear it all the time!

I'm so glad it's Thursday! I hope YOU have a great one!

Current Crush Thursdays
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