Purses and Headbands

Stretchy headbands, I love them. I wear them with my hair down and with my favorite hair on top of my head hairdo I go to when I get home in the evening. It helps me look like I'm trying a little harder to be cute and stylish but it really takes no effort.

I made this one with a ribbon that was in my craft supplies and the stretchy black part that goes around my head, well for that I used old tights that I don't wear anymore!

The tights are comfy as a headband, I can barely feel them on my head at all, plus it is a good way to reuse old tights and make a free headband! (I've used the waistband to make headbands but also just cut a strip of the tights and sewn it together, both ways work well.)

I also found this purse in my closet over the weekend. I was ready to donate it because I didn't like it anymore.

So, I decided to try to give it new life before I tossed it.

I took off the pocket flaps with my seam ripper.

And recovered them with fabric I like!

Now I like this purse again and will use for the summer.

I'm on the road to Chicago today! I'll post some photos of my trip tomorrow! Have a wonderful Wednesday!
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