Summer Dress

This past weekend I made this little dress! I wanted to make a skirt out of the pretty stripped fabric but, after 2 failed attempts, I went with the dress tutorial I talked about in this blog post because I knew it would work for me and be cute (and I wouldn't waste the cute fabric either!).

The purple shirt is an old favorite that I didn't need to be wearing anymore due to the hole and stains on it. Now that over half the shirt was cut off in the making of this dress, I can continue wearing it!

That's right, I'm on a ladder

Hope you like my posing abilities
I asked Matt to take above photos for this blog post and when I went through the ones he took I was like, wow, I look weird in all these photos, so, I'll try to work on my posing skills but, until then, feel free to laugh at my inability to pose for outfit shots.

If you are at all interested in making something wearable, this is a great dress to start with, there are lots of ways to cover up mistakes and it doesn't have to be perfect. Go here for an awesome tutorial!

Tonight I'll be packing for my Chicago trip that I leave on in the morning!

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