Redneck Weekend

Wow, is it as hot where you live as it is here right now (100 degrees or so)!? Praise God for air conditioning and ice cream!

We had a great redneckish weekend. First off we went to an RV dealership to look at the new Airstreams to get some inspiration for the interior of our Airstream that we are renovating.

Beautiful sight!
Next up we went to the shooting range and shot skeet for a while. I love shooting skeet, it's really fun and satisfying when you actually hit the clay!

Lastly we ended up at the river, Matt fished and I sat with my feet in the cold water.

No roadtrip would be complete without roadtrip snacks of McDonalds, Braums, and chips from the gas station! As we drove home we stumbled upon tons of people pulling over on the highway at a lake so we figured there must be a fireworks show about to start. We waited a few minutes and sure enough there was a great fireworks show choreographed to country music, amazing!

Sunday was full of laundry, Airstream work, church, talking on the phone, and watching golf on TV. It was a great weekend and I'm looking forward to a day off in the middle of the week for the 4th!

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