Safely Rolling on New Tires and Wheels

Our Luxe Land Yacht is in need of new shoes... tires and wheels to be exact!  The Cooper tires that came with our Sovereign are cracked and showed some real aging.  I could not see us ever making a trip on those tires, so it's out with the old and in with the new.

Arriving via UPS from eBay we picked up the BF Goodrich Commercial T/A tires.  The tires were $170 each, not cheap, but they are load rated "E", have great reviews on, and should fit in the wheel wells.  They were delivered by UPS right to our door.  We are upgrading from 15" to 16" tires, just so that we could get into that next echelon of tire quality and selection.  I expect to get 5-6 good years out of these tires.

 photo Tireairstreamluxelandyacht_zpsbea89e3e.jpg

To complement our new rubber, I searched for aluminum 16" wheels and stumbled upon which just happens to have one of their 7 locations a mile from my office. Very helpful staff pointed me to the wheel I was looking for - the TR4 Mod 16" aluminum wheel. This wheel was designed to compete with Alcoa's wheels at a fraction of the price. Again confirmed that the wheels are up to par, so I will be having the new BF Goodrich tires installed on these rims this week.

 photo Wheelairstreamluxelandyacht_zpsa3cfb7ea.jpg

I expect the new tire/wheel combo to look like this-
 photo newairstreamwheelsluxlandyacht_zps2d3bde1b.png

Much better looking (and safer I hope) than our current setup.

 photo OldairstreamWheelsluxelandyacht_zps79cb628a.jpg
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