Coconut Oil as Face Moisturizer

Something  I've been doing for a month now is, I've replaced my face moisturizer with virgin coconut oil. I know it sounds crazyyyy but, it's working really well with my acne prone and sensitive skin, seriously! I've been using PCA skin moisturizers for a couple years and it's just a little more expensive than I'd like.

I read that you can use coconut oil on your face and was really skeptical and thought it would cause all kinds of problems for my skin but, I tried it anyway. After a month of using it, I'm happy with it and will keep using it! Using coconut oil as my nightly moisturizer does a good job of keeping my skin balanced and feeling/looking plenty moisturized, it hasn't caused my skin to breakout and its hasn't clogged my pores.

Since it is oil your face will be oily when you put it on but is soaks in after about 30 minutes. I apply it right before I get in bed so I'm not all oily all evening. Also, I apply it after I wash my face! You have to wash your face every night! This is the moisturizer I use after I wash with my Basis face wash on my Clarisonic Mia and then use Neutragina Toner. If you just put coconut oil on your face and don't wash it you will absolutely get breakouts.

I wouldn't use this as a daytime moisturizer because again it is shiny and oily on your skin. I use this sunscreen in the morning which moisturizes my skin plenty.

I bought my Coconut Oil at Trader Joe's. A big ol jar for about $6 that will probably last me several months! That's a cheap face moisturizer and it smells great!

Something else coconut has done for me lately is helped me replace Coca Cola (I love it so much) with sparkling water mixed with a little coconut water. I'm not saying it tastes like Coke (because duh, it doesn't) but, it gives me something sweet and carbonated which is really the best parts of Coke to me. This little concoction over ice is great and helps me not need a coke, its calorie free and there's no artificial sweeteners (which I refuse to drink/eat b/c I think they taste horrible and they are bad for you).

Yay for coconut products! I feel like coconut is so popular right now! Would you ever try Coconut Oil on your face?

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