The Only Problem With Chacos...

The only problem I've had with my Chacos is that they are the only shoes I want to wear! So, really there is no problem with them:) Unfortunately, if all I wear are Chacos I look like a college kid/camp counselor but, I'm cool with that because these babies are so comfortable. My feet feel great in my Chacos and long for them when I wear other shoes.

Some other tid bits for you on this Tuesday-

Have you tried the Paleo Diet? I've been reading about it on blogs and I'm really intrigued. I'm thinking about trying it out, I think I would really struggle with cutting out all added sugar and dairy but the rest of the diet looks kind of awesome.

I've also been reading on blogs lately about people using apple cider vinegar as their toner. I've tried it for 2 days now and will give it another week before I decide what I think. I will say it smells super strong but fades quickly.
I got 3 really stupid tickets from the Chicago Toll people in the mail, apparently I ran through 3 tolls while in Chicago and now I owe them $65. I reluctantly mailed my payment on Saturday, so annoying!

I just finished Elizabeth The Queen today. This was a great biography on the Queen! I learned that she is a tough outdoorsy lady that is pretty brave, she was shot at during a parade but still finished the parade on her horse showing that she wasn't afraid. A crazy man also snuck into her bedroom at the palace one morning and she sat and talked with him for an hour about his problems without screaming for help. She's also had the same hairstyle her whole life! If you are at all interested in the monarchy read this book! It takes you through Elizabeth's childhood all the way to William and Kate's wedding.

I hope you have a fantastic day today!
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