Road Tripping!

I'm currently roadtripping with my mom to Connecticut. We left Wednesday morning from Kansas city with two donuts each, and saw all the corn in America. We ended the day in Columbus, Ohio 11 hours later.

This morning we headed east, I thought we were about to cross the state line into Pennsylvania but the sign said "Welcome to West Virginia". I thought I'd taken us off in the wrong direction, I had no idea West Virginia was up there! Soon we made it across the West Virginia Panhandle and made it into Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania is beautiful by the way, I love it! We saw lots of Amish people today in their buggies. I wasn't sure if I was allowed to pass them in my car but eventually I did as friendly as possible.

Late in the afternoon it started raining like crayyyyyzyy and still hasn't stopped. All these roads started closing right in front of us and I was wondering why a rain storm was such a big deal.

For dinner mom and I split a meal because it was a little too much food for one person in my opinion, the plate came with 4 pieces of fried chicken and 3 sides all for $10, geez.

We have about 5.5 hours to go before we reach our destination which is Groton, CT! I'll be back Monday with an overview of our trip! Have a fantastic weekend!
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