It's Ok Thursday!

Linking up for the first time with It's Ok Thursday!

It's ok that all i've blogged about this week is our Kitchen renovation. That's all I've thought about so that's all I've got to talk about!

It's ok that I've eaten like a hoodlum this week because we don't have a kitchen so I eat out every meal (pizza 4 times, chickfila, Taco Bell, custard, chips, lots of unhealthy junk). My body is so not liking my choices and I'm ready to eat healthy again (I had some veggies at lunch, progress!)

It's ok that I sat about 5 inches from my fan all day at work today because the A/C broke and it was 90 degrees in my office!

It's ok that I text pictures of kittens to my husband even though he isn't as amused by it as I am.

It's totally ok that tomorrow is Friday, woohoo for the weekend!

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