Weekend Recap, Oh Wait

What a wonder a day off in the middle of the week can do! I feel like I just came off the weekend but it's only Thursday!

For the 4th of July I got to sleep in, have pancakes for breakfast, go to the pool, read my book, eat pizza for lunch, do some crafting, read some more, take a nap, work out, eat burgers for dinner, and work on the Airstream! What a great day. I tried to stay off my computer and phone so I have no pictures of anything I did yesterday!

We saw fireworks last Saturday night so we didn't venture out to see any last night but I could hear people shooting them off!

Matt and I always did fireworks when we were in Texas and when we went home to Texas last summer for the 4th. I love shooting fireworks, and the 4th, we'll get back to shooting them again maybe next summer.

The 4th of July reminds me so much of the early days of mine and Matt's relationship. We almost always went to his parents lake house for the day on the 4th every year and stayed for fireworks at night. My junior year of high school I had a huge crush on Matt and I was so happy to be at his lake house all day prancing around in my swim suit hoping he liked me too. That night during the fireworks, he came and put his arm around me while we watched. I was so thrilled, but then, one of the fireworks fell over and since Matt was in charge of our fireworks show he had to run off and fix the problem. I was bummed but, by that next summer we were dating so I didn't have to worry anymore during the 4th if he liked me back or not:)

This is Matt and I the summer before we started dating! I had a huge crush, he did too.
Have a happy Thursday, are you back at work too or did you take the rest of the week off?

Also, if you want to swap buttons with me, let me know, I'd love to have a few more people!

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