Fun Facts for a Tuesday

So, who else is excited that we get tomorrow off!? America! I love the 4th of July!

Every night this week, my husband and I are working hard to polish our Airstream! OMG, the projects we get ourselves into make me think we're crazy sometimes. I'm so exhausted already and my arms are tired from holding a heavy polishing wheel up for 2 hours without letting it whack me in the face. Here is my polishing get-up, I have to wear the face shield because the polisher likes to get out of hand at times and I need to protect my face and the bandana is to keep my face clean from deprise! Oh and yes, that would be a pirate bandana with skulls on it, I got it from a Disney Cruise on pirate night!

We have a long way to go and it looks really cray cray right now but it will be shiny and beautiful, we hope:)

Here's what I made for dinner-

Grilled Squash from our garden! Corn and Marinated Chicken
That's about all I got for today, have fun celebrating our Independence tomorrow!

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