A Very New England Weekend

As I wrote earlier, my mom and I drove from KC to Groton, Connecticut to bring my brother who recently joined the Navy his car!

The journey took us two full 11 hour days of driving plus one 5 hour day. Our first day we trekked across Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and halfway across Ohio. The second day our scenery got beautiful as we rolled across Pennsylvania. Finally on day three we drove across NY state and made it to the coast of Connecticut.

the pretty coast

lighthouse from the 1800's!

love the sight of sailboats!

Enjoying the rain at a clam shack

For 2.5 days we meandered around Groton, Mystic, New London, Stonington, and a few other sea side Connecticut towns.

A crazy coincidence is that one of our ancestors is from this area and their house is still there and is now an historic site! My grandmother sent us with a family tree so we could show our tour guide that the man that built the house (Ebinezer Avery) was our great grandfather 16 generations back! The tour guide was also a descendant of  Ebinezer and was thrilled that we came.

The Avery House

Mom, my brother and Me

Kitchen in the Avery House

Pretty old fireplace

My brother and I love history and New England is full of old historic building and museums. I also love being near the ocean and loved being so close to it everyday seeing boats coming and going throughout the day.

Avery Lighthouse
 Another amazing part of being in New England was the food! My favorite meal that I ate a few times was a New England Lobster Roll. My other favorites were crab cakes and fish and chips.

Crab sandwich, Lobster Sandwich, Clam Cakes, Crab Cakes, & Lobster Deviled Eggs!
To end our journey, my mom and I rode Amtrak from New London to Boston to catch our flight home. I loved traveling by train. It was calm, no security like the airport, easy and fast!

View of Boston from the water
 It is so crazy to think busy NYC is just a couple of hours away from the cute little harbor towns we explored in Connecticut.

I loved getting to spend lots of time with my mom and brother during our trip! I also love New England and hope to go back again soon! 

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