What I'm Learning From My Backyard Garden

Tuesday Night's Harvest
I'm learning that squash and peas are easy to grow in our garden and have been super successful. I think this is our 5th squash from one plant this summer.

Bell Pepper Turning Red
 Bell peppers are great but they are tough to get all the way from green to red without something happening to them. As you can see this one is turning red, I hope it makes it and we get to eat it!

The seed packet said to thin out my carrots meaning, I needed to pick the carrot plants when they were young to space them out so they wouldn't get too crowded as they grew, but, I couldn't bring myself to pull up any of my little living plants but, now I see what happens when you don't thin out your plants, some get big and crowd out the little guys so they can't get very big.

The tomato plants have little green tomatoes growing! I started these plants from seed and they are just now producing, I hope I get lots of tomatoes for the rest of the summer, we'll see.

I've learned that not everything you plant will be a success! I planted a whole bunch of these Caladiums to fill this whole bed, but only one came up, and it came up just last week!

I've also learned that gardening is fun and rewarding, I love it!

Matt and I went to Sonic for 1/2 price shakes last night, mmmm good. I only got the mini because I already had ice cream earlier in the day, it's ok to eat ice cream twice on a summer day.

Happy Wednesday, I hope you have a great day!
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