Something Borrowed- By Emily Giffin

Something Borrowed was such a fun book! I felt like I was watching a modern day romantic dramedy as I read.

I've had Something Borrowed on my list of books to read for a while since I've heard a lot of people say that the Emily Giffin books are great and I have always thought the covers of the books are really cute (good reason I know, lol).

Something Borrowed has been turned into a movie with Kate Hudson,Ginnifer Goodwin, and John Krasinski so, many of you probably already have either read the book or seen the movie. 

I would classify this book as a great book to read while on the beach, or if you are looking for an entertaining light read. I was definitely drawn into the drama of this book and read it within about a week. This book is entertaining and I already have the next book in the series Something Blue ready to be picked up at the library. However, the drama in this story is a little predictable like most romantic drama/comedies.

If you don't know what Something Borrowed is about, here is a little about the book. The book is set in Manhattan in today's times. Two best friends, Darcy (perfect barbie doll with a PR job) and Rachel (good looking smart girl that is a lawyer) start the book out by celebrating Rachel's 30th birthday. Darcy is still 29, is engaged, and life always seems to go perfect for her. Rachel is responsible, plays by the rules, hates her job, and is 30 with no man. Rachel has always tended to take care of Darcy and puts Darcy's needs before her own. The two don't realize it, but, their friendship has always had an element of competition with Darcy always coming out the winner that is apparent to all outside viewers of their friendship.

Darcy breezes through life with Rachel taking care of her and Rachel is ok with playing by the rules, getting through life with as little conflict as possible.Things have always gone this same way for Darcy and Rachel until Rachel's 30th birthday when everything changes. Rachel starts to realize the control that Darcy has over her and begins to re-evaluate the friendship and starts taking what she wants (read the book to find out what Rachel takes from Darcy!)

Rachel's new scandalous ways are still unnerving for her and she has a hard time being confrontational when it comes to getting what she wants in life and struggles to gain courage and understanding of what she wants. 

Overall, I enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who likes a good love story drama with a bit of scandal in the mix.
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