Redeeming Love By- Francine Rivers


I have always heard good things about this book and finally got around to reading it. I'm so glad I did!!

There were so many moments while reading this book that I was completely frustrated with the characters and the author! I thought, how stupid can these people be! They keep messing up over and over with the same thing! They are so stubborn! Why can't the author move on!

I realize though that that is the point, people mess up over and over and over again with the same dumb stuff in life. An outsider can tell you what to change a million times but until it finally hits you and you realize for yourself, you will never change.

This incredible book retells the story of Gomer and Hosea from the Bible that shows God's love that will never let go, no matter what crazy terrible things you do. The story is about Angel, a woman who was forced into prostitution as a child. She is so damaged and bitter that she thinks her only way to escape the pain in her life is through death.

Amazingly enough, she is taken out of the horrific life of prostitution she has known for most of her life when Michael Hosea marries her. I thought this part of the story was odd but see now how amazing it was.

I hope everyone will read this great book and if you get frustrated with it or think it is going in circles at times, keep reading because it all makes sense in the end!

This book was a great reminder to me of God's redeeming love for all of us and what a powerful difference we as people can make on this earth by living as followers of Christ. By striving to be like him, we show love, to everyone, and you never know what that can do for someone's life!

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