Monday Post- List Style

I have a lot of thoughts and observations to share today so, here it is list style!

- My mom and mother-in-law are both so great. They are giving, nice, and fun to be around which is awesome. This weekend, my mom loaded me up with Christmas dishes and a few Christmas decorations before I left Texas. Now we are ready for Christmas:) She would have liked for me to take even more stuff but the car was already full. We also made homemade York Peppermint patties together and they turned out soooo good. I'll do a post about those later! My mother-in-law loaded us up with a fantastic candy box and chex mix.

Matt and I love the candy she makes around the holidays! She also helped me get ready to make curtains for our living room, that will be a post of its own when I start that process!

-I had such a great time going home to Texas for the holiday. The 9 hour drive sounds so long but is really never that bad to get home and back. Every time we go home the people we see are so glad to see us and make it all worth it.

-This time of year is so soo sooo my favorite! Christmas music is on the radio, people have put up their decorations, and there is so much to look forward to!

-When I am driving in a parking lot I always stop for the pedestrians. You that awkward moment when the pedestrian pauses because they aren't sure if you will stop for them? Well, I always stop because when I am the pedestrian I always walk right out in front of cars in the parking lot expecting them to stop.

-In three weeks, Matt and I think we can have our living room finished! I am so excited to show you all the finished project! I think I will look spectacular!

-I feel like December is going to go by super fast, I can hardly believe we have made it past Thanksgiving!

-I pretty much have bought or have an idea for everyone's Christmas present this year. It feels good to have that under control.

-I bought the most delicious yogurt today at Trader Joes, their Vanilla and Cream yogurt. As I was eating it, I thought this tastes so outstanding I wonder how much fat is in this? There is a lot and I reckon that is why it tastes so good! I forgot to check that before buying it, oh well.

-Tonight I plan on unloading our car the rest of the way, doing laundry, cooking beans, rice, and sausage for dinner, and then I will put out some Christmas decorations!

-Thanks for reading my blog! I really appreciate all of you readers and your comments:)

Have a happy Cyber Monday!
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