Lunch Time Runner

My goal today is to run at lunch time because y'all, I haven't worked out since Matt and I got our house a month ago! I feel like I've gotten plenty of physical activity with all of the house work we've been doing but it is time for me to get my cardio on again.

Before we closed on the house I had started a running plan which I was really liking a lot! I feel like running gets me a great work out for my time. My lunch time plan is to start running at lunch every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 30 minutes with different running workouts.

I made a mix in Garage Band tonight that has some great pumped up songs to get me going. At two minutes in a bell goes off and I know it's time to run for four minutes. When the bell rings again I'll know I can take a break and walk for two minutes. I will continue this cycle for 30 minutes.

It is getting cold outside so I hope I can stick to my plan. If it is raining or snowing then I will allow myself to skip for that day.

Here's a fun fact, in college, I ran a half marathon with my dad and brother. We all finished and none of us really trained or knew what we were doing. I feel like this is proof that if you really want to be able to run a half marathon, you can do it! When you are in the race, it is easier than you would think to run 13 miles because you are in a pack of other runners and there is a lot of support from the people lined up on the street.

Wish me luck as my commitment to fitness begins again tomorrow!

*UPDATE* Even though it was 40 degrees and I really didn't want to go outside I went anyway! I bundled up and had a great run and plan on doing it again Friday. After about 10 minutes I was pretty warm and didn't mind the cold anymore. I was only away from my desk for about 50 minutes when it was all said and done so in the scheme of my whole day this is totally doable!
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