Something Blue- By Emily Giffin

I loved this book! It was a fun read and satisfied my need to know what happened to the characters in "Something Borrowed".

As far as I can tell, Emily Giffin's books are great reads about life and love which I love to read about!

Darcy, a girl that has always led a charmed life, getting everything she has ever wanted, suddenly gets the wake up call she has never had from an unexpected friend in her life. For about 30 years, Darcy has been shallow and all about looks, money, men, sex, and fashion. After a string of decisions, Darcy's life is changed forever.

She can either continue to tumble downhill or change for the better.

This story is about love, forgiveness, finding out who Darcy really is, and the power of friendship.

Great book for those who like girly novels with a bit of drama.
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