New Shampoo, Weekend Wrap Up

I'm so grateful for our extra hour of sleep Saturday night from Daylight Savings time. All day Sunday I felt like I was beating the system because I hadn't yet changed the clocks and every time I'd check my phone for the real time I realized is was an hour earlier than I thought!

That extra hour was great for letting Matt and I get more work done in our living room and bedroom! This weekend we sanded and painted the base boards in our bedroom and added quarter round to the base boards. They look great and fresh. The best part was taking the paper and tape up because we deemed this room done with painting for now!

I got to arrange the furniture and we have a cozy paper free room to retreat to because the rest of the house is still very much under paper and drop cloths. FYI, we covered all of our wood floors in paper, tape, and drop cloths so we could paint.

We also worked on our beautiful wall paneling. Matt is in charge of  making this beautiful wall and my job is to fill the nail holes with spackle and cracks with Crack Shot (that is actually the name of the product ha!).

I also prime the panels, and make sure everything is taped off properly! My hands are dry and my nails are short and scruffy but, our work is looking good and we're proud of it.

Yesterday as I was peeling the paper off the floor I said to myself, "finally!" but then I realized we have only been in the house a week! It feels longer and we've already got so much good work done on the house.

Details at the top of the panel

Since I've been working so hard with the house I thought I'd take a stroll down the shampoo aisle at Target on Friday and try out some new shampoo and hair products. It is a simple pleasure but, I got new shampoo, conditioner, detangling spray, and mousse! It made me so happy and I get such a kick out of trying all of my new products. Don't you love that too?

Sunday night I relaxed from our weekend of work with a hot bath and my current book, Redeeming Love. The bathtub in this house has elbow rests which make reading in the bath divine.

I finally asked Matt last night if he knew where my camera was and he did do I will be posting better quality pics soon!
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