Good Bye Cable, For Now....

Ever since we closed on our house on October 14th, my husband and I have been consumed with fixing up our little fixer upper house. We have not made time to watch TV, workout, or even cook (I've been ordering pizza and reheating left overs brought to us by my mother in law).

So, when it came time to call Time Warner Cable and have them switch our internet/cable over to the new house I freaked out a little bit about how much $$ cable costs each month. Matt and I decided we didn't want to pay $90 a month for cable when we don't have time to watch it right now except as background noise while we are working on the house.

So, we've decided to only get internet and drop the cable for now. We'll see how long we can last without all of the great TV shows out there., sighh...

The good thing is that with our TV antenna, we still get ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and about 10 other channels that seem to have shows on like Friends, Seinfeld, and The Office. That means we still get all the major college football games over the weekend and prime time TV during the week, awesome!

I didn't realize you could get that many channels with an antenna! I'm glad my husband is handy and knows things like how to hook up a TV antenna and such!

When I do want to sit down and watch TV, I'll just have to get a little creative when nothing is on our antenna channels. Y'all know I like to go to the library a lot and we are fortunate to have a great library system here in the Johnson County area. I can check out DVDs of TV shows and movies, fo free which is fantastic.

This week, I watched an outstanding BBC three episode mini series call Upstairs Downstairs. I loved it so much! I have such a fascination with England in the early 1900's. My favorite books are about this time period and another great (one of my favorite) PBS mini series called Downton Abbey is also set in England in the early 1900's.

Upstairs Downstairs was origionally made in the 1970's but has recently been remade. The show is so intriguing! It follows the lives of the servants downstairs and the elite upstairs in a posh house in 1936 England. The political issues of the time such as Hitler's Nazi party, the emerging fascist party, and Wallace Simpson's relationship with the King are all tied into the show.

I think as long as I can continue to discover great shows and movies at the library, I will be able to live without cable and spend that money on things like paint for the house and all of the other things you have to buy when you are fixing up your house!

It's crazy to think about but, I've never lived without cable so it feels a little strange to know that I don't have all the TV channels I'm used to, sad story I know, haha!

This weekend will be more house fixing up and I'll be sure to post more pictures of our progress on Monday. Have a fantastic weekend!
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