A Little About Me You May Not Know

We all have fun facts about ourselves so here are a few about me that you may not know or may have forgotten about!

1.) In college, I tried out for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders! I didn't make it but I wore my booty shorts, bra, and spray tan to that audition and gave it my all. Have you ever seen the CMT show, "Making the Team"? I always watched it with my friends and since I was in college in Fort Worth I thought, I could be on this show too! I was on the first episode a few times back in 2008 when I tried out! At least we got a swag bag with lip gloss and hairspray for trying out.

2.) I have shaken Barak Obama's hand, seen George W. Bush give a speech at the White House, and seen Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton in real life 4 times. I get starstruck by presidents and am really fascinated with the people that have held the office and their families.

3.) When people cuss, I'm always a little surprised. I guess I'm kind of a goody goody when it comes to cussing. I usually laugh when someone does it. I only cuss to be funny or when I get mad and say something under my breath.

4.) Every time a siren comes on the radio I freak out a little because I think I'm about to get pulled over. I'm the type of person that thinks oh no, I've done something wrong and been caught before I think I'm in the right. My driving is usually right at the speed limit or about 3 mph over.

5.) Sometimes I feel extremely introverted and walk the other way to avoid small talk with someone I don't really want to talk to. However, other times I feel like, what the heck, I'm feeling friendly, I'll talk to anybody about anything. I think I would still classify myself as introverted around new people though or people I don't know super well. Of course when I'm around people I know well, I can be the craziest person you've ever seen.

6.) I love the ocean and I think that my ideal life would be to live in a beach town and own a junk shop, blog about crafts and life, and teach yoga classes. I would want my family and friends to live within walking distance of my house so we could chill out in each others kitchens and have dinner with each other often.

7.) I have a twin brother who is really funny. He is usually the life of the party.
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