Funny Things the Over 50 Crowd Does

I'm not trying to be a hater y'all, I'm just poking a little fun most people over 50. Not all over 50 folks do these things of course and I know there are things us 24 year olds do that they think are crazy. So, here's the list-

1.) The over 50 crowd tucks in their shirt all the time. Even when they are doing yard work and relaxing on the weekend. Even when they are wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt.

2.) When their cell phone rings in church, at a meeting, at a gathering where their phone should be on silent, they jump up and run out of the room to answer it! I know their are times when you may need to answer a phone call but dang, do you really not know how to put it at least on vibrate? or sit at the back of the room and sneak out unheard if you really need to answer your phone? Also, they call their cell phone "The Cell Phone" because you know they also probably have a land line and the cell phone is not their primary phone like it is for me.

3.) When an event starts at say 9:00 am, they show up at 8:30 am. This one may apply more to the over 60 crowd but these folks like to be early. They don't show up right when it starts or five minutes before, and certainly not late! I guess they want a good seat and time to say hi to everybody beforehand.

Have you noticed these things? Do you think they're funny like I do?
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