Books I didn't really like

I always write book reviews of the books I've read and liked or loved but, I never write about the books that I didn't really enjoy.

I realized that if someone read my blog they would think I loved every book I picked up and that I never wrote a negative review! I don't really want to write a negative review about these books because I know a lot of people absolutely love these books and I don't want to discourage anyone from reading them. So, here is the list-

The History of Love- I read so many glowing reviews of this book. As I read I just never felt a connection with the story of characters. I thought with a title like "The History of Love", this would be an outstanding book that I would fall in love with. I kept waiting for the story to grab a hold of me but, it just never did.

Room- I didn't like the point of view being from the little kid. It made it hard for me to read and the story made me sad.

The Art of Racing in the Rain- I know a lot of people really like this book but I just wasn't feeling it. Maybe if it had been about a cat I would have loved it.

The Cookbook Collector- I heard about this book on NPR and it sounded really interesting. By the end all I could think was that this book was extremely long and didn't give me much fulfillment. It was a very original story though.
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