Happy One Month of RVing To Us

Y'all, can you believe it's been one month since Matt and I left Kansas City to live life in our Airstream? Here's where we've been so far-

The month of May went by so much slower than i'm used to a month going by. Usually I was constantly looking at a calendar and seeing what was 1-2 weeks ahead. This made life go by so quick! Now, I'm living life more day to day. There's still looking ahead and planning but it's very laid back. It's nice to feel life slow down.

Since leaving our house on May 1st we've been to 6 National Parks. I didn't realize how stunning nature is before spending so many weeks in the wilderness. I've said "wow, this doesn't look real" so many times when I look at all nature has to offer.

I've also learned to live in a trailer! It's so fun to sleep in the Airstream with the windows open and the airvent open. It's also so neat to have all of our needs in our 31 feet of space that can be pulled down the road with our truck. We've only had to run our A/C in Las Vegas because it was hot hot hot there the whole time. We've been really fortunate everywhere else we've been to have cool nights that are cool enough for comfortable sleeping.

I haven't experienced boredom yet. Each day I wake up excited to see what the day has to offer and sleep like a rock most nights because I did so much.

So far I've learned that I need to have a sense of adventure, patience, flexibility and to not be in a hurry.

And yes, Matt and I still like each other after living in close quarters. If we didn't get along or enjoy being together this wouldn't most definitely not be a good lifestyle for us.

Here's to another month of life in the Airstream!
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