Airstream Food

My dad asked if there was anything new we've been eating since I last wrote about what we’re eating here on the road (click here to read). We’ve added two new things to our weekly meal plan.

First is Jack Daniel Sauce like they serve at TGI Fridays. We found a recipe for it online. It’s a mixture of soy sauce, Tabasco, Teriyaki sauce, whiskey, brown sugar, garlic and red onion. This sauce is amazing on steaks, burgers, chicken and I’m sure other things! Since we grill so much, a good sauce to go on the meat is fantastic. Shoot, I put it on everything on my plate really.


The other new menu item that’s been good is lemonade (just country time mixed with water) with tequila. I know this isn’t a meal and I don’t have it everyday but, almost nothing is more refreshing than lemonade when you’re hot and tired. To end a day I like to add a little tequila to my lemonade and sliced lemons. I feel luxurious with fruit floating in my drink. We don't have ice usually so I have to plan and make sure I refrigerate my mixture ahead of time.

Anything else we should try?
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