The Good and The Bad About Living on the Road

As great as living in our Airstream full time is, there are a few things I miss about "normal" life.

Constant cell phone service and Internet. One the road you may not have internet for several days and cell service comes and goes. I knew all along but I'm ready to confess, I'm addicted to the internet and my cell phone.

An oven. Cooking pizza, cookies, frozen meals, cake…. Frozen meals were so easy to cook and there are many times when I just want a giant slice of cake.

Gardening. I’m pretty excited to have a garden again someday.

Of course I miss seeing my family and my friends! I wish there was instant travel so I could hang out with them for a few hours every week.

Things I Love-

Being outside everyday. We also sleep with the ceiling vents and windows open almost every night.

Nature. I never really knew how pretty nature is. And I looove seeing wildlife!

Seeing so many new things.

Freedom. My biggest worries are planning where to go next.

Soaking in new cultures. It's funny how different people are across the USA.

Meeting new people. We've met lots of interesting people and had lots of conversations. There's so much to learn from others!

Provisioning. This used to be called grocery shopping but on the road (or if you live on a boat) you call it provisioning because you have to have enough supplies to last you until to make it back to the store. Before living on the road I’d go to the grocery store every time something popped in my head that we needed because it was close and easy to stop by. I became very tired of going to the store. Now I plan out how many meals we need for the amount of time we will be away from a store. I love seeing a nice full fridge and cupboard.

Having our own little home with us wherever we are.

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