Last Day in Sequoia

 photo Sequoia16_zps2fd4a487.jpg
One more Sequoia Tree photo, they are huge!
For our last day in the park Matt and I hung out by the river. The water is cold and crystal clear. It was so hot that there was no other place I’d have rather been in the park that day.
 photo Sequoia18_zps57b55f87.jpg

I learned about the hydro electric power that those crafty Californians have been getting out of their rivers since about 1913! I had no idea. This is a flume that carries water from the top of the mountains down to a turbine that generates electricity! How smart.
 photo Sequoia17_zpsdc456560.jpg
There’s so much history in Sequoia National Park because before it was a National Park people were scouring the mountains looking for ways to make money and live in that beautiful place.
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In the Mineral King area of the park there are still cabins that people live in because the park acquired the land after there was already people living there (it’s a pretty new addition to the park). How neat would it be to live in a national park? I think it would be amazing.
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The more time we have spent in National Parks, the more I’m realizing that there’s so much history surrounding them. There is so much more to discover than you can find in just a week.

Next we’re on to Yosemite!
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