Sequoia NP Mineral King Area

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Sequoia National Park is most famous for it’s giant trees but did you know that there is so much more to the park than the trees? I think even if this park didn’t have giant trees it would still be worthy of being a National Park.
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This park has multiple beautiful rivers, pretty mountains, stunning meadows and caves!
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The only cave that you’re allowed to tour in the park is Crystal Cave and it costs $15 to go in. However, there are multiple other caves that are kept on the down low because they don’t want people going through them which I understand. Matt and I did our best to search for one of the secret caves in the park but never found one. Maybe one day! We did find White Chief mine though! It is a hole in the side of the mountain that’s made completely of marble. The miners in the early 1900’s were looking for silver but didn’t find any.
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More on Sequoia later!
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