South Lake Tahoe

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I've now seen another place in the USA that I can't quite believe is real because it's so pretty. Lake Tahoe is a massive deep blue lake surrounded by mountains. While in South Lake Tahoe we enjoyed temps in the 60's during the day (Texas friends, if you need to cool down from the Texas heat a place actually exists in the summer with cool temperatures!).
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I envisioned myself swimming in the lake or maybe kayaking but when I got to the lake and realized how cold and huge it it, I opted laid out in jeans and a jacket on the beach enjoying the beauty around me. I really didn't need much more entertainment than that. Some kids were swimming but kids will swim in any temperature right?
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We also enjoyed a long bike ride around South Lake Tahoe and rode over to the marina and Tahoe Keys neighborhood to see all the boats and houses on the water!
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We camped at Tahoe Valley RV Resort. It's a wooded campground in a good location. Summer gets rolling later around here because of the cool temps so the pool wasn't open yet but they have tennis which we played for the first time in a few months.
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I love all the bike riding in this town. It's also a cute ski town with lodge looking buildings to keep the area looking nice. There's lots of things you can do here such as boat tours, historical home tours, shopping, go to the casino, ride the gondola, go out to eat and other things I'm sure but, I was pretty content to take in the beauty of the lake and mountains and ride my bike around looking at houses.

We're now on the West shore of the lake near Tahoe City! More to come on it later!

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