Sequoia National Park

Currently Matt and I are in Sequoia National Park. This is a park in California south of Yosemite with giant Sequoia Trees. These trees are the largest trees in the world (not the tallest those are the Redwoods, but the largest, their trunks are huge and the trees are massive. They're pretty darn tall too!)
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Sequoia National Park is stunning and I feel like a pioneer traveling through the mountains, rocks, rivers and forests of this area. There are lots of clear roaring rivers through here, pretty mountains sprinkled with granite and of course a giant forest filled with giant trees.
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The funny thing about the giant forest is, I wasn't sure if the whole forest would be exclusively giant trees or what. The moment I entered the area of the park where the Sequoia's live, I couldn't believe just how large the trees were. The forest is full of other large pine trees but there is no mistaking a Sequoia for any other type of tree.
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The bark is light and hollow feeling but deep inside the tree is hard wood.
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We walked through the giant forest all day Friday and couldn't stop saying "wow, that is a huge tree!" at every turn of the trail. There are lots of Sequoia trees all through the forest and pretty little streams. There are also lots of fallen Sequoia trees. Seeing the giant trees laying on the forest floor helped me realize just how big they really are.
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During our hike Matt also saw a black bear! He was walking in front of me and said "there's a bear!" and started walking quickly the other direction. I thought he might be joking but I heard something running in the opposite direction from us back up the mountain. After that, we made lots of noise as we hiked and didn't come across anymore bears.
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I'll share more about our time in Sequoia soon!
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