I Cleaned a Trout!

I feel majorly accomplished because I cleaned a trout and cooked it! Matt caught a nice 14 inch trout and I knew it would be big enough for us to eat. It was time to try my hand at cleaning a fish.
 photo photo1_zps03b4b2a3.jpg
washing the fish out!
For those of you who’ve gutted a fish before this is probably no big deal to you but for me, it’s huge! I’ve never butchered any animal and it was so crazy to see the trout alive and looking at me until I cut it’s head off (sorry I know it's gross). It freaked me out to clean a fish and I felt horrible when Matt whacked it on the head so that I could start slicing it open but, we ate that fish and enjoyed it very much so, it’s life wasn’t wasted.

I liked eating a fish that was caught and cleaned within the same day that I ate it.

To cook our trout, I dredged it in cornmeal then fried it up in butter. I’d most definitely clean and cook a fish this same way again but only if the fish is at least as big as the one we just ate.
 photo photo2_zps8c399ef0.jpg
Are you aware of how good it smells to fry something in butter? Now I know.
 photo photo3_zpse5044334.jpg
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