Tuolumne Meadows- Yosemite

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I’ve come to learn that meadows are beautiful places. The Tuolumne Meadows area of Yosemite is full of pretty alpine lakes, a soda spring (carbonated water bubbles naturally out of the ground!) and overall pretty mountain views.
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The Soda Spring! Tastes just like carbonated water.
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We hiked the Dog Lake trail which led us to the big beautiful dog lake.
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It’s amazing to me how there can be such a pretty place and only a few people there enjoying it at one time. We only encountered 3 other couples while at the lake.
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This area was less crowded than Yosemite Valley and offered totally different views than the Valley. I enjoyed getting to see it and felt like it allowed me to see a little bit more remote area of Yosemite.

Bonus Photos-
 photo IMG_2318_zps27d4bf28.jpeg
This is a cool Sierra Club building. There was even a meeting going on when we walked by.
 photo IMG_2304_zps6e9f73f1.jpeg
These people have it going on, an RV pulling a boat!
 photo IMG_4240_zps67e7b011.jpeg
The cute camp at Tuolumne made of lots of these little tents.
 photo IMG_4239_zps15a32c7d.jpeg
 photo IMG_4235_zps4d852711.jpeg
The dining room at Tuolumne, so rustic.
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