Duck Commander

Matt and I are big Duck Dynasty fans and made a special trip over to West Monroe in order to see the famous warehouse on the show!

 photo 3-29-14DuckCommanderLuxeLandYacht-01_zpsb98625d7.jpg

If you love Duck Dynasty and are ever within an hour of West Monroe it's worth going! The warehouse is within 1/4 mile of the interstate so it's easy to get to.

 photo 3-29-14DuckCommanderLuxeLandYacht-11_zps45930ddc.jpg

Here's the loading dock, remember the episode where they made this area into a pond to see if they could get ducks to come??

 photo 3-29-14DuckCommanderLuxeLandYacht-12_zps41ffaa25.jpg

This is employee parking, there are way more employees than are shown on the TV shows.

 photo 3-29-14DuckCommanderLuxeLandYacht-09_zps68ab791b.jpg

The gift shop is huge and full of fun Duck Dynasty goodies.

 photo 3-29-14DuckCommanderLuxeLandYacht-04_zps1c76e09d.jpg

 photo 3-29-14DuckCommanderLuxeLandYacht-03_zpsacdfc2b8.jpg

 photo 3-29-14DuckCommanderLuxeLandYacht-02_zps14f86ab0.jpg

 photo 3-29-14DuckCommanderLuxeLandYacht-08_zps2e509d1a.jpg

 photo 3-29-14DuckCommanderLuxeLandYacht-07_zps47b069ba.jpg

 photo 3-29-14DuckCommanderLuxeLandYacht-06_zps754de453.jpg

 photo 3-29-14DuckCommanderLuxeLandYacht-05_zpse670ff16.jpg

We were there on a Monday morning so there wasn't a huge crowd but there were still about 75 other cars there checking it out. I think it can get really crowded at times!

 photo 3-29-14DuckCommanderLuxeLandYacht-13_zps713a82d3.jpg

 photo 3-29-14DuckCommanderLuxeLandYacht-10_zpsfcfead64.jpg

All there is to see is this side of the building and the giant gift shop but, if you're a fan you'll love it and there's always a chance you could see one of the Robertson's!
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