Phoenix, AZ

Wow, we've finally bid farewell to California after being in the state for 5 months! We left Palm Springs and drove through some pretty gusty wind to Phoenix. We only spent a day in Phoenix because most of the RV parks in the town are for people 55 or older. We have a timeline now because we are meeting up with Michelle's parents in Big Bend for their Spring Break and couldn't spend much time there anyway.

We enjoyed our day in Phoenix by going to Surprise, AZ to see some Texas Ranger and KC Royal's training camp!

 photo IMG_8182_zps074b7064.jpg

 photo IMG_8185_zpsd63e743f.jpg

It would have been cool I'm sure but a big ol' rain storm shut down practice. The fields were pretty though and if you're a baseball fan you could get nice and close to your team at training camp. (Watching them practice is free and watching a practice game is $10 or more).

After training camp we went to the Phoenix Art Museum. We've come to like art museums (we went to one in Santa Barbara and Phoenix and they're fun!).

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By the time we got to the art museum the weather cleared up and was very nice the rest of the day!

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