Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Did you know there is such a place called Guadalupe Mountains National Park? Did you know Texas has two national parks? I didn't!

Guadalupe National Park is in the very corner of Texas and is part of the rugged west.

There's pretty mountains and sprawling desert.

We also came across two natural springs that allowed the earliest settlers and people passing through to survive.

Here's our campground for the three nights we stayed in the park. It was $8 a night!

 photo IMG_8258_zps53547174.jpg

We did a few hikes and enjoyed exploring this unique park!

 photo IMG_2082_zpse60ec73f.jpg

 photo IMG_2074_zps8d1d030d.jpg

 photo IMG_2061_zps6ffe488f.jpg

 photo IMG_6718_zps9a21c9a0.jpg

 photo IMG_2056_zpsf3e60dec.jpg

 photo IMG_2044_zps13229362.jpg
A spring in the desert.

 photo IMG_2032_zpse17b3c6a.jpg

 photo IMG_6711_zps32bb2519.jpg
This is an old ranch house built in 1901. Still looks pretty good! They had a spring in their front yard and were able to irrigate their garden. The nearest town was 60 miles away when this was built!

 photo IMG_8230_zps70d64abd.jpg

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